Aroma Therapy Hopi Indian Ear Candle with Pure Beeswax


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 Aroma Therapy Hopi Indian Fragrance Ear Candle

Relieve the pressure inside the ear canal and paranasal sinus tubes
Remove excess earwax safely and effectively
Relieve the related symptoms as tinnitus, itching and strengthen the sense of hearing
Help increase resistance to infection
Strengthen the sense of taste and hearing
Relieve headache and ease the symptoms of being dizzy and murky

1. Lie down on one side on the pillow.
2. Massage the ear area, to relax the nerve system.
3. Put 2 piece of towel around the pillow.
4. To Prepare a piece of aluminum paper 15cm x15cm and stick a small hold for ear candle.
5. Light up the longer end and place the shorter end gently into the outer ear passage.
6. Stick the smaller hold into the aluminum paper about 5cm.
7. Gently put the ear candle with aluminum paper into the ear passage. Stick up for the 90 from the face.
8. The ear candles, it may burn down to 7cm inch above the black line marking at the most.
9. With the vacuum theorem to inhale the ear wax from the ear.
10. Use the alcohol to clean the wax in the ears.

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Q1: Can I have a sample?

A1: Yes! Sample available and free, but freight charge will afford client.

Q2: What is sample ready time?

A2: Usually 3-7 day.

Q3: Can I print own logo on package?

A3: Sure! Customized package and OEM printing are available.

Q4: What is delivery time?

A4: Usually 25-30 days.


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Trumpet and Straight



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Aromatherapy hopi indian ear candle






Pure beeswax

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